Comprehensive Continuum of Care Services:

Treatment and services are offered to individuals experiencing acute psychiatric disorders/illnesses who are in danger of harm to self, harm to others or are gravely disabled. In an attempt to provide services, at the least restrictive level of care, the organization office follows a programming service range which include the following: inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization program (referred out), and intensive outpatient services (referred out). Admission to any level of care is indicated by uniform application of the level of care criteria indicator. All levels of care have inherent in them ongoing assessment, treatment, discharge planning, therapy, and community/continuing care follow through. The intensity of service provision depends upon admission criteria and the needs of the patient and patient’s family/legally responsible person as applicable.

Service Development Department:

Our Service Development Representatives (SDR’s) are active in community education and provide intake inquiry/prescreenings/assessments (by qualified personnel) in community-based services and facilities, residential living environments, outpatient offices and governmental agencies. SDR’s are available for consultative and educational services. This is one way in which the organization feels it contributes to enriching community professionals and the general population with mental health prevention awareness. The organization continues positive relationships with community resources and networks with local hospitals, Aging and Adult Services, the LCSW/ LPC Board and Mental Health Services as well as other resources required by our patients to provide a seamless continuum of care and maintain positive collaborative relationships to improve overall community life.

Partial Hospitalization Services:

Partial services provides an intensive level of care to prevent hospitalization and in lieu of continued hospitalization for those individuals requiring the supervision of a psychiatrist an intensive level, day, multimodal treatment to stabilize and reduce compensation for those who require active treatment *For the continuity of care Freedom Behavioral will currently refer all patients that may require this needed service to the nearest community program.

Intensive Outpatient Services:

Intensive services provide the least restrictive level of care for those patients needing more than traditional outpatient services as a means to receive treatment and ongoing support while being maintained in the community. *For the continuity of care Freedom Behavioral will currently refer all patients that may require this needed service to the nearest community program.

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Admission Criteria:

This facility accepts all patients who meet the admission criteria for the provided level of care without bias. All patients will be admitted to the least restrictive level of care as treatment should be undertaken only as necessary.